Privacy Wood Fence

​Maintaining a privacy wood fence can only not upkeep its appearance but also strengthen and prolong its life. 
However, wood fences aren’t indestructible like, any other fences. Thus, knowing how to maintain a privacy wood fence is essential to prevent wood destruction caused by any harmful elements such as termites, moisture, and harsh weather condition. 

In the first year of installation, you can see warping and splitting, which is normal, as the wood cures and dries up. After several years, you will start to notice that some parts of your fence are leaning. Nonetheless, with appropriate maintenance, your privacy wood fence can last longer, thus providing a better and prolonged life of service. 

Useful Tips for Privacy Wood Fencing
There are a plethora of useful tips when it comes to privacy wood fencing. Nevertheless, not all are the same and impactful. 

So, our fencing company has compiled valuable tips to help you maintain your privacy fence without spending a dime on professional help!

Tips for Wood Fence Maintenance
Our tips for wood fence maintenance may seem so simple, yet the result for following the given tips below can be enormous. 

  • Check the pickets for possible loose nails, make sure to hammer or replace it. Do as you see fits.
  • Keenly look for any possible hint of rotting or broken pickets and changed them. (The great about the wood fencing that it has an advantage of replacing a single picket or panel, not necessarily the whole or majority parts of the fence.)
  • Inspect for any insect damage.
  • If you have any plants, make sure that it will not overly be close to your wood fence to avoid immense dampness and leaning of the railings.

Part of Good Maintenance is Excellent Wood Bath
You can’t take out an excellent wood bath from being part of good maintenance. To upkeep the good looks and durability of your fence, you are going to follow the three steps in an outstanding wood shower.

  • Drench wood with a mild detergent and water or specifically formulated fence cleaner. 
  • Scrub the wood using a brush or utilize a pressure washer at 1,500 to 2,000 psi.
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean the bottom part of the fence where the posts meet the ground.

Hints that Your Wood Fence Needs Maintenance

Hints are gold when it comes to finding that your wood fence needed the maintenance that you should have done a little sooner. When you see water no longer beads up, instead it soaks, it’s a sign that you have to re-stain, re-seal, or paint your wood once again. It is vital to remember that this kind of maintenance should be done ideally 2-3 years after sealing (some waits after five years). 

  • After you finish cleaning, make sure to dry your fence completely.
  • When all part is dry, you can start to re-stain, re-seal, or paint. Use a roller or a brush.

Things to Do if Your Fence Looks Old and Gray
It’s inevitable if your fence will look old and gray one day. It is a natural phenomenon. However, you can prevent it by doing the following: 

  • Utilize a power washer rated at 1,500-2,000 psi to remove the old skin effectively.
  • Let the fence to dry completely.
  • Apply an oil-based stain to preserve the new layer. 

Your wood fence is a great asset that not only beautifies your home but also gives protection and privacy at the same time. With proper care and regular maintenance, your privacy wood fence will last for more years than its life service expectancy. 

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